Web Design and Digital Marketing for an international media technology company.

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Padcaster is a media technology company focused on accessories that transform tablets and smartphones into professional videography equipment. Their flagship product, Padcaster Studio, is marketed as a complete video equipment suite, comprising of a tripod, microphone, green screen, and even a teleprompter. Their eCommerce website sees 200,000 unique visitors and generates $50,000 in sales every month.

As Art Director on the account, I oversaw the creative strategy for two new product offerings: Verse Mobile Studio and Parrot Teleprompter. In both cases, I designed informational webpages to showcase the products.

I also oversaw the digital media strategy for their entire product line: Verse, Parrot, and five distinct market segments for Studio. Using photo assets provided by the client, I created a comprehensive baseline marketing strategy, as well as several promotional campaigns. Media buys included Social Ads (Facebook and Instagram), Google Adwords, and Retargetting Display ads.

In one particular promotional campaign, sales increased 106% with only a 30% increase in advertising spend, resulting in a 350% return on investment.