Katasi Roadtrip


App concept for a game that would measure distracted driving behavior and provide real-world incentives - such as sizable gas discounts - for safe driving.

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Katasi, a startup out of Boulder, provides a technological solution to the problem of distracted driving. A cloud-connected module plugs into the OBD2 port of any car, and is able to identify who is driving the vehicle. The module then communicates with the driver's cell carrier and temporarily disables all incoming and outgoing messages.

However, in addition to this technological solution, Katasi wanted to develop an app anyone could download, which would incentivize safe driving instead of penalize dangerous driving.

The game concept, called "Roadtrip", simply measures how much a phone is used when its owner is driving. Streaks of safe driving are accumulated and points are rewarded based on the streak multiplier. These points can be cashed in with participating partners for real-world prizes such as a free tank of gas.